Who Am I?

Who is Hi Def, you might ask.

Let me open a few doors for you regarding to who I am.

My name is Leroy and I was born in the nineties. Growing up as a kid I was heavily influenced by my older brother who was a Hip-Hop head and this lead to my early interest in that genre. However, my parents and in particular my father was a hardrocker so I learned to value more than just my preferred genre.

In my early youth I was a big fan of The Blues Brothers and the affiliated artists starring on a few of their albums. This only sparked my interest in various genres, including jazz even more.

So, what eventually got me into making music?

I was lucky enough to listen through a few golden moments in the Hip-Hop era. Wu-Tang, Onyx, etc in the nineties and closing in on the millies, Dr. Dre, X-Zibit and so on. But I also witnessed how the radio and TV started to play less and less quality, at least in my opinion, and more and more pop music that pretty much brainwashed a lot of my generation but even more so of the teens growing up a few years after me.

I got fed up with that and watched how my brother started making music at first and then experimented with it myself. Ejay Hip-Hop at first and later on I switched to Reason to step away from the premade loops that could be combined to make a proper track. Reason was a big step forward as I had to play everything myself, I had little to no understanding of sampling at that time so I experimented with all the instruments that came with the software.

However I never actually took it that serious until I bought Maschine at the age of 23. I was considering to purchase an MPC at first but bought Maschine instead as I was already used to have software based workflow. And that has paid off immensely. I have grown quite a lot ever since I got Maschine and took bigger steps forward than I ever did by solely working with Reason. And it was this progress that made me realise that I want to do this as a career.

Why the name Hi Def (Music)?

Because I want to create Hi Definition Music. I want to create music so pristine yet so dope that it lifts you to cloud 9. I am Hi Def but I'd like to start a few projects under the Hi Def Music group in the future.

So, what do I create?

Mainly Hip-Hop but it doesn't stop there. I use influences from every genre I listen to in every track I make. So it's not always strictly Hip-Hop but my own spin on it. I also make tracks leaning close to Trip-Hop and Downbeat but also Soundscapes mainly to act as a support for poetry.

A few artists I've worked with are: Swiss/American singer Seilen, Ekol from the UK and a few Belgian locals such as TahBoo, Infinite Joy, Antherix,...